Discover a convenient way to get your hiking essentials delivered to your trailhead

  • Are you tired of spending hours packing and preparing for your next hiking trip?
  • Do you wish there was an easier way to get the supplies you need?
Our team of outdoor enthusiasts is excited to announce the upcoming launch of our new online resupply service for hikers!

We know firsthand how frustrating it can be to plan for a backpacking trip. You have to make sure you have everything you need, pack it all up, and then lug it all on your back. Not to mention, finding the right supplies can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you live far from a hiking supply store.

That’s where we come in. Our online resupply service for hikers allows you to easily order the essentials you need for your trip and have them delivered right to your trailhead. No more rushing around town to find gear or worrying about forgetting something crucial.

How we help

  • Spend less time shopping and more time relaxing on zero days
  • Remove the stress of resupply logistics, ensuring you always have the items you need waiting for you
  • Customize your resupply packages to meet your unique dietary needs and preferences
  • Minimize the risk of not finding the items you need in town shops, avoiding the frustration of not being able to complete your resupply
  • Get your packages delivered right to your designated pickup location, saving you time and energy that you can put toward your hike
  • Round up your resupply package to give yourself extra flexibility and the ability to celebrate your progress and accomplishments with extra meals and snacks.

Plan Your Appalachian Trail Adventure with Trail Blaze Supply

Start your Appalachian Trail journey with every crucial detail in the palm of your hand. Trail Blaze Supply offers an extensive, mobile-friendly directory of hostels, shelters, and US post offices along the trail, ensuring you can access vital information directly from your smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

Mobile-Ready Hostels, Shelters and USPS Directory

Our directory is designed to work seamlessly on your phone, offering detailed descriptions of various accommodations available along the trail. From simple shelters that provide the necessities for a night’s rest to hostels that offer comfort-enhancing amenities, you’ll find all the information you need to choose what suits you best.

Why Register?

Register for free to unlock full access to our mobile-friendly resources, including precise coordinates for each location, live weather updates, and more. This ensures you can plan your stops effectively, knowing exactly what to expect, all from your smartphone.

Looking Ahead

While currently focused on offering comprehensive accommodation details, Trail Blaze Supply is also gearing up to launch online resupply services next year. This upcoming feature will further enhance your hiking experience by ensuring you have all the necessary supplies without the hassle.

How does it work?

Simply choose the items you need from our online store, enter your trip details, delivery location, and desired weight, and we’ll take care of the rest. We work with great vendors to offer a wide selection of quality gear, food, and other supplies.

Managing backpack weight and ensuring proper nutrition is crucial for a successful and enjoyable hike.

Our service allows hikers to easily view the individual weights and calorie counts of each available product and the total weight and calorie count at checkout. This feature helps hikers plan and manage their backpack weight and ensure they have the necessary food and supplies for their hike. Say goodbye to the stress of guessing and estimating the weight and nutrition of your supplies, and focus on enjoying your hike to the fullest

Meet The Team

Jimi Diaz (Batman)


Hey, I’m Jimi Diaz, but out on the trails, I go by Batman. At Trail Blaze Supply, I bring together my two decades of web design expertise with a serious passion for hiking. My adventures have taken me through the Appalachian Trail in 2021 and more recently, the Florida Trail in January 2023. On the Florida Trail, I gained a new hiking partner – an American Dingo named Seminole, who just decided to join me and now lives with me and Ayla, my 11-year-old pitbull.

Combining my tech skills with my love for the trails, I’m all about making Trail Blaze Supply a place where usability meets the needs of the hiking community. From user-friendly designs to spot-on resupply solutions, I’m putting everything I know and love about the outdoors into this venture. It’s about sharing the spirit of the trail and making sure every hiker’s experience is as incredible as mine.

Jimi Diaz, a seasoned web designer and avid outdoorsman, brings over two decades of digital expertise and a passion for hiking to Trail Blaze Supply. As a 2021 Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker, 2023 Florida Trail Thru-Hiker, and computer enthusiast, Jimi uniquely blends technical know-how with a deep understanding of the hiker’s journey. His commitment to enhancing the trail experience shines through in every aspect of Trail Blaze Supply, from user-friendly design to tailored resupply solutions

Jerry Campese (Crisis)


I’m Crisis if you catch me on the trail. Longing for the outdoor lifestyle of my youth, combined with the pressures of my corporate career and the stresses of my personal relationships, all led me to a pivotal moment in early 2018. Standing in the freezing rain, with my feet pointed north, I took my first steps on the Appalachian Trail. That moment forever changed my life. It kick-started a hiking habit that has led me to log over 10,000 miles in multiple countries and, most importantly, it brought back the smile that had been missing for so long.

Nearing the end of the Florida Trail thru-hike, and around a campfire, Jimi Diaz (also known as Batman) and I, feeling grateful for where our hiking lives began, jointly conceived a plan for Trailblaze Supply Co. We envisioned a platform to not only help experienced hikers like ourselves alleviate some of the planning stress but also to assist first-time backpackers in navigating their initial forays into the hiking world.

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